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The Curriculum at SRIS

At Sear Rogers International School we follow the British National Curriculum, leading to IGCSE & A level qualifications. As well as preparing students for university study, our students are equally equipped with skills that enable them to take alternative post-16 routes into further education, vocational placements & courses in HK or overseas, as well as apprenticeships or entry level employment.

The central aim of our curriculum is to provide students with a thorough grounding in all core subjects, whilst allowing them to select subjects of interest at Key Stage 4 (Years 10, 11), and at A level.

What makes our curriculum at SRIS stand out is the way we merge the strength of the British National Curriculum with a cutting edge policy and framework from the UK called:

‘Every Child Matters’

This working policy identifies 5 Key Areas of a child’s development which we then link to specific subject areas, as a way to link the subject to an area of development (see below). This ‘whole-care, whole-child’ approach enables us ensure that students at our school have their needs met in a way that doesn’t segregate the learning process from the other equally important aspects of their developmental process.

The areas outcomes are for students to:

Be Healthy – Be physically healthy (Science/PSHE/Citizenship); know how to make good lifestyle choices (PSHE, Careers Guidance/Portfolio, have access to outside agencies via weekly presentations/assembly; have drug awareness (Government Drug Advisor Service, Charity Fundraising – Operation Dawn – a local rehabilitation service for former drug addicts.

Stay Safe – From Neglect (School Counsellor, Social Services, other agencies); from crime (Sgt. Tang – School Police Liaison Officer); from bullying & Discrimination (Sgt Tang – School management/daily school policy)

Enjoy and Achieve
– Be ready for school, (Home School Agreement, – regular parental interviews if there are concerns); to actively participate in ones own personal & social development (extra curricula activities, positive teacher/student pastoral support network, regular information sharing sessions/meetings between staff); achieve educational standards comparable with other schools using the British National Curriculum (Levels of Achievement’ – in line with KS3 & KS4 national standards); attending and enjoying school (successful integration & inclusion of students with track records of non-attendance (regular pastoral support from Form Tutors, Pastoral Officer, Head teacher etc, Student Councellor).

Make a Positive Contribution
– Support the community and environment (Integrating subject content with ‘real-life’ educational experiences – attending history museums, participating in environmental projects, charity work & community Service, and business enterprise initiatives.

Achieve Economic Well-being – Aim for continued achievement in further education, in consultation with teachers & head teacher; to live in decent homes (sign post students experiencing difficulties to the right services); access to transport and material goods (to understand the different ways of life and predicaments of people around the world – Geography/History/etc.); live in households free from low income (parental concerns reported/& supported if necessary in conjunction with outside agencies).

These target areas of development are at the heart of what we do at SRIS, which is to provide a first rate education system that is innovative, inclusive and moving with the times for the benefit of developing children, in all areas of their lives, in and beyond the classroom.