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March 15, 2018
簡介 本校教學教育模式 方方樂趣教育機構辦學以來,都以「教育無處不在」的信念來教導學生,明白學生都存在個別差異,學校會設計全面性、均衡性及適切性的課程,讓孩子獲得最大的幫助。加上發展方向清晰的,適切的校本課程,兼顧兒童體能、智能、語言、情緒、美育及群性等全面發展。課程亦考慮兒童的發展需要、能力、興趣及經驗,編排動靜交替、全班及小組的,自選的多元化活動日程。 課程選用主題作綜合課程設計,符合兒童生活經驗和興趣。活動有目的、有計劃地推行,使兒童在連串的學習活動度。中,有深入探究的機會,拓展知識、發展技能和培養正確的態

Introduction We believe that learning is everywhere. We understand that all individuals have  different abilities. The school designs a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum, in order to benefit our children. The school has an aim to develop the children’s physical, mental, speech, emotional and aesthetic growth. We also care for the needs of our pupils according to their abilities, interests and experiences. Lessons are planned in such a way that activities, quiet learning, small group and whole class teachings are being held throughout the day. Topics are arranged in themes, which are closely related to the experience and interest of the children. Children learn through activities that are arranged with definite aims. They have a chance to explore and broaden their knowledge, develop their skills and right attitude.